What our employees say about us

Impressions of CANARAIL employees
Thomas Hewitt, Eng., Rolling Stock Engineer

I came to CANARAIL with 5 years of experience in the domestic railway market, a passion for transportation, and an interest in international travel and business.

Since coming to CANARAIL, my responsibilities have grown from working on small design projects to managing relatively complex international projects. The railways are truly fascinating on a global scale, from locomotive and wagon design, to civil works, signalling technologies, operations, and economics. CANARAIL has allowed me to learn and work in all these domains allowing me to grow my career. CANARAIL’s management saw in me what I did not know was there and gave me the tools and opportunities to develop and work on many projects. Another thing that I relish about working at CANARAIL, is the human relations that I have formed here, both at the company itself and with customers and suppliers from around the world. The people employed by CANARAIL, both young and experienced, are what makes CANARAIL a special place to work; it is here that I have truly formed some of the best relationships of my career.

If you are driven, self-motivated, want to see the world, are looking for a challenge, and want to work in an environmentally friendly and expanding industry, then CANARAIL is for you.

Robert Turcot, Eng., Mechanical Engineer

For me, working at CANARAIL is working as part of a relatively small (by industry standards), but very well-rounded and tight-knit team. Our team includes industry experts that measure their experience in decades guiding and sharing their knowledge with a new, younger generation that is bringing fresh energy and new ideas to the table. CANARAIL team members come from all over the globe and bring a wide range of talents and expertise from infrastructure, rolling stock and signalling to economics and training, all contributing to projects that can encompass the whole spectrum of railway consulting. No two projects have been the same and with each new project, I have faced new challenges and had new opportunities to learn. 

The railway industry has both a long and storied history and a bright and exciting future. Freight networks are expanding worldwide with the increasing demand for raw materials and in North America passenger services are beginning to catch up to their European counterparts. The possibilities and challenges over the next few years will be limitless and CANARAIL is the place to seize those possibilities and meet those challenges.