Why work at CANARAIL?

We value initiative, responsibility and teamwork


The strength of the CANARAIL team has a direct impact on the success of our company and our clients.

To assemble the best team of choice, we must be an employer of choice. That is why we hold ourselves accountable for respect in the workplace. We also invest in our health and wellness program for our team members and their families and we offer rewarding employment opportunities with a complete benefits program and packages.

Through teamwork, we reach our strategic goals - a place for everyone and the opportunity to realize itself by giving priority to our clients in all our activities. For CANARAIL, growth and innovation begins with a strong leadership and a diverse and mobilized team. Our philosophy of sense of belonging to the company promotes the accountability that each faces in view of the success of the company.

CANARAIL's culture: Consultants recognized for the quality of their work and their relationships with their clients.

If you are someone who:

  • Wants to perform while respecting the individuals;
  • Questions the status quo, seeks to innovate, differentiates, likes to meet challenges.

At CANARAIL, your career is in your hands. In other words:

  • You will develop a solid network based on the collaboration with competent team members all around the world;
  • You will generate results and innovate in a dynamic and rewarding environment on international projects;
  • You will have the opportunity to make a difference, to have a real impact on the future of CANARAIL and yours.


Career development: share our passion for professional development in a diverse, open and respectful environment

At CANARAIL, you have the privilege to lead your career. Through a variety of learning options, you can develop your skills in order to perform well in your current position and to get to subsequent positions. We use various methods to help you learn and grow.

Your future belongs to you, we offer you all the help and support you need to plan your professional development in the context of your current position and future ones.


Overall remuneration

Our remuneration philosophy recognizes the close link between your excellent performance and business success. You will participate in a dynamic rewards program, which includes a competitive base salary enhanced by a program of profit redistribution, a generous retirement plan, subscriptions to professional orders as well as a range of health and wellness programs. Your contribution to the growth and the company’s results is a golden opportunity to enhance your overall remuneration.