CANARAIL Partners with A. de G. Ingenieria from Colombia

08 January 2013
The President and CEO of CANARAIL, Miguel Valero, is pleased to announce the conclusion of an exclusive partnership with the railway engineering and consulting firm A. de G. Ingenieria, from Colombia. For CANARAIL, the partnership is a unique opportunity to propose a high-quality and credible service offering in Colombia. The country has recently undertaken an extensive development of its road, port and railway infrastructures in order to support, among other things, the mining industry – an essential growth driver for the country.
"The projected investments to accommodate the Colombian mining industry represent an attractive set of business opportunities for CANARAIL's know-how. To ensure our success in this new market, we had to rely on a local partner that shares the same values as our company. This agreement with A. de G. Ingenieria is another step in the right direction," declared Mr. Valero.
Many rail projects should be completed within the next few years, following the government's adoption of a new regulatory framework that promotes the development of private initiatives for the grant of railway concessions (new or existing). This measure reinforces the Colombian State's intention of investing $21 billion over 10 years into the development of its rail infrastructures.
"On our side, this partnership with CANARAIL is very important for our firm," said Mr. Gustavo Arias de Greff, managing director of A. de G. Ingenieria. "It will allow us to combine our local expertise with CANARAIL's international knowledge and depth in order to participate in the development of our country's rail services."
This new partnership in South America concludes a particularly busy year for CANARAIL. With projects around the globe, such as in Mongolia and central Africa, the Montreal-based company sees the coming year with great optimism.
About CANARAIL, member of the SYSTRA group
Founded in 1991, CANARAIL is a Quebec-based consulting firm that specializes in rail transport in mining, freight, and urban domains. CANARAIL is known for its expertise in feasibility studies, consulting, and the design and construction of major projects. Over the last 20 years, CANARAIL has participated in over 500 projects in Canada, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, North America, Australia, Europe, and Latin America. CANARAIL is headquartered in Montreal, and is a member of the French group, SYSTRA, world's largest rail engineering firm.
About A. de G. Ingenieria
The Colombian firm, A. de G. Ingenieria, specializes in rail transport engineering. Established in Bogota in 1992, the company specializes in rail project feasibility studies, railway design as well equipment and infrastructure analysis. 
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