CANARAIL and its Partners Selected to Undertake a Construction Supervision Mandate in Bangladesh

20 September 2017

The Government of Bangladesh (GOB) is taking efforts on developing the Trans-Asian Railway Network (TAR) in Bangladesh, as well as regional corridors. The GOB is also taking initiative to overcome the bottlenecks and missing links of the TAR corridor. The proposed Dohazari to Cox’s Bazar, via Ramu, and Ramu to Gundum rail line, is the missing link of TAR routes connecting Myanmar border.

The scope of our contract is to review the detailed engineering design services & drawings and tender documents for the construction of a single-line dual-gauge (DG) railway track, from Dohazari to Cox’s bazar, via Ramu, prepared by the RCIP consultants (including CANARAIL) and to provide construction supervision.

The services to be provided cover seven activities:

  1. Overall Contractor’s contract management, and planning;
  2. Technical support to BR (including review of design – CANARAIL/SMEC);
  3. Construction supervision, testing & commissioning;
  4. Review of environmental aspects;
  5. Review of gender and other social aspects;
  6. Resettlement aspects;
  7. Defect liability period.

For further information, please contact:

Guillaume Genin
Vice President - Business Development
Tel.: 514 228-1108