The mission of CANARAIL is to provide reliable and efficient solutions tailored to clients' objectives, in Canada and around the world. Our values are: integrity, respect, excellence, versatility and confidence.

Our company

CANARAIL is a leading Canadian railway engineering consulting firm whose primary focus is rail transportation. CANARAIL has achieved recognition in international markets, thanks to a corporate commitment to quality, a strong focus on clients’ needs, and a highly qualified and specialized staff.

CANARAIL is active in domestic and international markets and offers expertise in all fields of railway transportation, including track and infrastructure, rolling stock, railway operations, signalling and telecommunications, economic and financial studies, marketing, institutional and management consulting, as well as support services. CANARAIL has carried out a wide range of transportation projects in North America, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and Latin America.

As a North American consulting company, CANARAIL is particularly specialized in the transportation of freight railway and heavy haul. With the increased demand for capacity expansions related to the buoyant resources sector, CANARAIL therefore offers a comprehensive range of services in the planning, engineering, implementation and operation of mining and heavy haul railways to ensure that they can transport their resources reliably and cost effectively.

CANARAIL provides successfully-tested and cost-effective solutions during every stage of a project cycle – from preliminary planning to on-going operations; from the early stages of transport development through engineering design, construction supervision services, maintenance and operations planning for new and existing railways.