Civil engineering, track and infrastructure

CANARAIL’s Civil Engineering group provides a wide range of expertise in the definition, design and maintenance of railway infrastructure. Designers are familiar with both North American Practice (AREMA) and European Codes (EN), as well as different track gauges, including dual gauge design. Designers routinely take local conditions into account, such as climate, transportation issues, local construction capacity and practices, as well as permitting requirements.

Alignment design projects for new lines undertaken by CANARAIL have ranged from scoping level studies for corridor definition with estimated bridge sizes to highly optimized detailed designs of earthworks and structures for construction, based on geotechnical studies, hydrological modelling, and environmental mitigation requirements.

Track specialists design track based on proposed traffic levels and service speeds, and the analysis of the useful life cycle of each of the track components, providing the client with a cost effective design over the life of the line.

CANARAIL also offers construction supervision, inspection services, and maintenance recommendations and planning, including manuals and training, for all components of the rail infrastructure.

Expertise in civil engineering, track and infrastructure

  • Conceptual and preliminary design
  • Detailed engineering
  • Construction supervision
  • Tendering services
  • Inspection services
  • Maintenance standards and practices
  • Technology assessment